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5 Surprising Things Often Examined During a Business Property Condition Assessment

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If you are planning on selling your business, a real estate agent or business advisor may recommend that you have a property condition assessment (PCA) performed first. The average PCA is known to involve a thorough examination of things like the roof, the walls, and the plumbing, but there are certain points of this inspection that can come as a surprise to some business owners. 

1. The Landscaping 

Even the landscaping can be something that is involved in a PCA. The landscape of a place of business can have effects on the overall condition of the property for the better or the worse. For example, if there are a lot of large trees crowding a storefront, it can have an effect on how visible the property is from the road and how difficult it is to maintain. Further, the large tree can pose risks to the building itself. 

2. The Signs and Signage Points 

Signs and signage points at a place of business are ever-important, but most business owners are surprised when these points become part of the PCA inspection. The inspector may be looking at things like what condition primary signage points are in and whether the signage points will need to be upgraded. 

3. The Energy Loss From the Building 

You may see the PCA professional pull out unique equipment used for infrared thermography, and if you are like a lot of property owners, you will be a little confused. This equipment is specifically used to measure energy loss at different points of the building. The infrared thermography scanner can pinpoint areas where there are changes in temperature and humidity levels, which can signal points of heating and cooling loss. 

4. The Ventilation Capabilities of the Building 

You will likely expect that the heating and cooling systems of the building will be examined, but what you may not expect is that ventilation capabilities will be examined as well. Ventilation is associated with how air flows through the building and how efficiently air is deposited outside the building. Therefore, the PCA examiner may be looking at vents in the attic space of the property and even if the wall vents work. 

5. The Parking Lot 

The parking area of any business adds a lot of value, but a parking lot in bad condition can be detrimental to the entire property. It is a common misconception that a PCA is all about the structure, but the outlying space is just as important, especially the parking lot.