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6 Services Offered By A Marine Surveyor

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Most people have a general idea of what marine surveyors do. However, marine surveyors are a relatively small but necessary part of the massive marine industry. Marine surveyors inspect boats to give their approval for safe operations. Any marine vessel that has been constructed is mandatory to be marine-surveyed. It is the marine surveyor that certifies a ship as being seaworthy and fit for travel on open seas or oceans. Thus, the marine surveyor is among the most important people on any marine vessel; without them, lives may be lost.

The marine surveyor provides the following services:

Inspections at Shipyards

A marine surveyor inspects new ships or freshly repaired ships to ensure they are of sea-worthy quality. This inspection is essential as marine vessels need to be inspected yearly, and marine surveyors provide the best service in this area.

Annual Drydock Inspections

A marine surveyor performs annual inspections of vessels, whether they are in or out of the water. These surveys help to see if significant repairs need to be carried out. They also make sure that all safety equipment is working properly and that there are no corrosion issues.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Marine surveyors are relied upon to check ships that are up for sale. They carry out surveys, review the vessel's documents, and report any outstanding problems to the potential buyer so they can decide whether to complete the purchase.

Post Purchase Surveys and Condition Reports

A certified marine surveyor carries out surveys and makes reports on the condition of vessels after they have been purchased. These surveys check for any outstanding problems. The surveyors provide a more detailed report than what has been provided by the previous owner.

Reviews of Marine Casualty Investigation Reports

Marine surveyors review marine vessel casualty investigation reports prepared by marine inspectors or marine police officers to make sure they meet established evidence collection and analysis standards. Some marine surveyors may be called upon to provide marine incident investigation training to marine inspectors and marine police officers.

Evaluations of Marine Damage Surveys

When marine vessels are involved in accidents causing substantial damage to the vessel itself or resulting in loss of life or property damage onshore, marine surveyors are called upon to conduct marine damage surveys. These surveys are used to determine the extent of marine vessel damage and assist in determining what caused the accident.

The Takeaway

To ensure marine transportation companies send out high-quality vessels, they hire marine surveyors to inspect their ships. Surveyors are responsible for checking if the vessel is seaworthy or not. Their principal goal is to ensure that it does not have any issues that would hinder it from reaching its destination safely.