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Knowing The DISC Personality Profiles Of Your Employees Helps You Communicate Effectively

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If you're looking for an effective way to manage your employees, consider using DISC personality profiles. This is done through testing that is able to identify personality types. Once you know and understand personality differences, you can communicate with employees more effectively and match employees with the best job duties. Here are some things to know about DISC personality profiles.

The Testing Is Done Online

You can have your employees take the test online so it's convenient for them. The tests don't identify mental disorders or measure intelligence. Instead, they test how an employee responds to situations. This helps classify the personality type of each employee taking the test.

You can also make this testing a routine part of your interviewing and hiring process so the right candidates are chosen for the job opening.

The Personality Types Are Identified

An employee doesn't have a single personality; they have a dominant personality. So, while the DISC profile test is able to determine the dominant personality out of four possibilities, each employee can also have a mix of personality types. For instance, the four main personality types are dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. However, an employee could also be identified as dominance-influence, steadiness-conscientiousness, and so on.

The Results Help You Communicate Effectively

Getting the results of your employees' personalities is just the beginning phase of using DISC personality profiles. Your HR department and supervisors need to understand how to use the information when dealing with individual employees. This includes learning how to talk to specific personality types in private meetings, email communications, and when working in groups.

By knowing personality types, you can anticipate how individuals will react to changes in the workplace, resolve internal conflicts, follow regulations, and cooperate with groups. You'll even identify the best personalities for remote work and you'll know the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.

In addition to knowing how to handle employees with different personalities, you'll also have more information for selecting leaders, choosing employees who cooperate with leaders, and finding personalities who do the most detailed and conscientious work.

Using DISC personality profiles might sound complicated, but it's actually easy since the hard work is done with software that analyzes answers and then explains the attributes and weaknesses of each personality type. There are no wrong answers for the test, and no personality type is better than the other. You need all types for your company to be successful. The key is matching the right personality for the right position in your company so your team works together effectively.